ENCACC Metal sticker 24K Gold Plated Anti Radiation

ENCACC Metal sticker 24K Gold Plated Anti Radiation
January 1, 2017 encacc

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ENCACC Metal sticker 24K Gold Plated Anti Radiation

Product Description

Item condition : Brand new
Color : Gold
Type : Metal Sticker ( 24K Gold-Plated / Anti-Radiation Sticker / Ultra-Thin Metal / Laser Cutting )
Size : ABOUT 0.39″(1 CM)

For Cellphone/ Smartphone/ Laptop/ Netbook
Product Features : absorbs harmful electromagnetic waves to the human body.
Successfully to stick metal sticker, it require some little process.
Made in Korea
Item Location : South Korea

if you want to buy this Anti Radiation Metal Sticker,please CONTACT US .

Metal stickers include very small parts. So, it need care before attaching.

According surface material and condition(Recommended material : plastic, glass, metal, flat surface)
(Not recommended material : leather, suede, rough surface products, Antifouling coated Product !!, Non-flat surface)

1. Please wipe the surface before attaching.
2. Carefully and Very Slowly peel off the upper protection paper.
3. In winter season or at the low temperature, metal sticker has weak adhesion.
Please stick after little warm up with hair dryer.
4. Be careful, when you stick or remove the product.  You may get a cut on the finger from a product.
5. When you remove the metal sticker. You must wearing protective glasses on your eyes.
Because metal sticker parts can be pop up by elasticity.

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