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ENCACC( Manufacturer | Wholesale |  Retail ) Shop
Sell Men’s Women's Fashion Accessories, Wallet, Bag, Belt, Smartphone case, Messenger Bag, Briefcase, Backpack,
Spectacles Eyeglasses Sunglasses Eye-wear Glasses,Korea cosmetic.

This Perfect functional Items will be Your Best Choice.
It also has a Stylish Professional Look to it
that can be used for Office,Business ,School, Travel or Daily Life.
We was created in 2009 and located in Seoul Korea.
ENCACC is leading brand of high-value, ultimate Smart Phone Carrying Cases, Especially Leather Wallet & Fashion Eyeglasses Sunglasses.
We have very well skillful staff about Trendy Fashion as well as technical experts.
Those qualified people studied and developed the right Smart Phone Carrying Cases and Fashion Eyeglasses Sunglasses.
Furthermore we do developing and manufacturing the designed carrying bag so we can show the ideal item, Smart Phone Carrying Cases Bag as well as better price.
At the beginning of the business, we mainly provide local customers with our products and experienced customers’ satisfaction.
And there has been inquiry from overseas distributors, so recently, we do launch new version of the website in order to optimize international user friendly.
Also, overseas distributors are very welcome.We could supply well-controlled quality products consistently with competitive wholesale price.
Whether you are a professional, a student or traveler, once you try our product, we are very confident you think you got right one. We are here to service your needs.
It is our intention to offer you with trust and products to assist you succeed and really find enjoyment in the art of Life.